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Oct 16, 2013

Currently: October

Current books: I haven't read much lately.

Current music: I haven't listened to much lately.

Current guilty pleasure: Ignoring the blog because...well, I don't feel like blogging.

Current color: Blue

Current drink: Water and coffee and coffee and water.

Current food: Soup. I eat a lot of soup. I'm getting sick of soup.

Current nails: Purple

Current favorite show: Revenge and Grey's, though I need to catch up on both.

Current wish list: Motivation to do anything.

Current needs: Motivation to do anything.

Current triumphs: My sister's wedding went off without a hitch last weekend.

Current bane of my existence: Calories and weight and NOT losing weight and this blog. Because when I think about it I think about the fact that I haven't lost weight.

Current celebrity crush: I got nothing.

Current indulgence: I got nothing.

Current blessing: I'm alive.

Current outfit: Jeans, sweater, scarf, flats

Current excitement: Camping this weekend

Current mood: Blue

Current link: I got nothing.

Sep 26, 2013

Sort of A Weigh In, But Not Really

//I haven't publicly weighed in this week because I weighed in on Monday for a DietBet I joined and saw that my weight is up 3 lbs. And that's embarrassing.

//I hate that I planned a weigh in for Fair Week (<---This is a holiday, hence the caps. No really, the local schools get the whole week off for Fair Week. I miss that.).

//I hate that I'm not one of those people who can just say "My health is more important, screw fair food."

//Because, really, I would screw fair food. American Pie style. It's that good!

//I also hate that I'm not one of those people who can eat a slice of pizza and claim to be full. Because, really?

//Despite my weight gain, I'm still proud of how I handled the fair and its food this past weekend. Compared to my usual approach (EAT ALL THE FOOD! QUICK, YOU ONLY HAVE A WEEK!), I was quite the responsible eater.

//I have to change my first 10 lb goal date because a) Fair Week b) I'm getting my dress for my sister's wedding fitted on Monday and I can't lose 10 lbs between now and her wedding. It's already 3 inches too big since my original fitting. Also, I can't lose 10 lbs between now and her wedding because I've gained 3 and it's only 16 days away. So I'm shooting for November 1st.

//Along with the too-big bridesmaid dress, my jeans are also getting looser. And my waist is noticeably slimmer. And my shirts are doing more draping and less casing. So something good is happening in this ol' bod of mine, despite the pounds gained.

//I have been really good about going to the gym and I'm even getting some cardio workouts in which we all know I hate hate hate.   

//I truly believe that I can lose 30 lbs by my birthday. I'm just having a rough start.


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